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Yeshayah Israel

Born in Chicago, Illinois and raised in Los Angeles, California, Yeshayah Israel is the oldest of three siblings. Mr. Israel overcame many challenges in life, thru difficulties he developed within himself a state of empowerment to serve others. Being a true visionary, He has a strong passion and true understanding for entrepreneurism. Mr. Israel started his first business, Kingdom Lawns in the year 2000 and sold it in 2005. He then started a carpet care business and from there Integrity Landscape was created and later sold. Yeshayah Israel also credits network marketing from which he gained a wealth of knowledge and experience in marketing and branding. Believing the business world of networking marketing was not his final destination. He determined that the best path to achieve his goals was through becoming a successful entrepreneur. Using his wealth of knowledge Yeshayah Israel began Promotions 911 Biz Solutions to fulfill his vision is to change the world through YAHWEH economics. Yeshayah also oversees Kings and Queens of YAHWEH, a youth program in the inter-city. Promotions 911 Biz Solutions will invest time and revenue to create scholarships, events and opportunities for youth and disadvantaged children. View our most recent outreach event on YouTube@successteamful. Yeshayah is married with one son.

Thomas Hardie

A graduate of California State University, Long Beach has worked in the Broadcast/Cablecast industry since 1989. Thomas has worked a number of jobs over the years and understands the value of a strong work ethic and the necessity for establishing worthwhile relationships. He had the opportunity to participate in a few network marketing businesses. That experience taught him the importance of being a small business owner while also providing the opportunity to see different business models in action. Today, Mr. Hardie is excited about assisting other business owners with the Promotions 911 Biz Solutions model. Combining video production with creative writing skills, Thomas looks forward to utilizing years of media experience to benefit others. Also an avid martial artist, Thomas is married with 4 children and is active in the faith community. He looks forward to partnering with like-minded individuals who want to sow back into the lives of others in need.


To powerfully effect change in the business world through YAHWEH (Godly) Economics.


To bring value to the life of those in the market place causing a positive reaction that re-invigorates our local and world economy. It is our goal to bring back the life of integrity and hope while we assist every business we can to be their absolute best.